Just how big is franchising in Canada?

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Le Chien Chaud is now Fat City Franks. The taste of nostalgia is that warm feeling you get from great food. It’s the memories of youth and the fondness of fun. With each bite, you’re taken back to a better time – a time of handshake deals, friendly neighb.. Welcome to Fat City Franks – Calgary’s Hot Dog Emporium. Fat City Franks’ top quality hot dogs, coupled with classic sides of potato salad and coleslaw, vintage malted milkshakes and homemade lemonade, and fun, friendly environment will take you back to the memories of your youth, while helping you establish fun new traditions with your family and friends. Uh Oh! We’ve noticed that your version of Internet Explorer is out-of-date!. Please upgrade to the newest version of EXPLORER, FIREFOX or OPERA before viewing our site. The response to our “You Gotta Eat Here” episode has been overwhelming and we thank all of our old and new customers from across the country for sharing this experience with us!