Franchise Opportunities – How to Start Your Short List

September 22, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Franchise

Franchise opportunities in Canada are quite plentiful. With many potential businesses available – from automotive services to Irish pubs, you really need to consider making a short list before you get too serious. Decide on what might suit you, your family and your lifestyle.

A good way to start searching for the ideal Canadian Franchise is to attend as many tradeshows or franchise conventions. Just do a Google search for “franchise tradeshow” or “franchise convention” and you will get some relevant sites to browse. While at the franchise opportunity tradeshow, be sure to bring home all the pamphlets, fliers or brochures you can find from the potential franchise businesses you are interested in. While you may have a good memory, these physical reminders will help you choose your short list later on. Many business trade shows include seminars on a variety of subjects, so be sure to attend any that may interest you. After all, this is the beginning of your future – be informed.

Some things to consider when you are looking for a potential franchise opportunity include:

1. Product demand. Is the product seasonal? Will there be financial issues on the off season of your product sales? Is the demand for this product short term, or long term? If it’s a “fad” type of product, it may be something you want to steer clear of.

2. Success system. The company should have a proven and established business model. Are there successful franchisees? What is the turn over rate of franchises?

3. Support system. Does the company provide training, locating a property to build on, assistance with set up and opening? Is there ongoing training and support? These are important steps to start your new business so make sure you’ve got the support system in place.

Once you’ve done an initial once-over with the above questions, contact your short list of Canadian franchise opportunities [] headquarters and really get into the details. Visit the franchise head office if you can. Or see if you can actually go work at one of the franchise locations to see if it is really for you. Be informed and really do your research. This is, after all, the beginning of your new life and lifestyle as a franchise owner. Start your Canadian franchise short list [] today.

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