Member Media Release: Customer Desire for Exotic Flavours and ‘Old School’ Service on the Rise: CEO of Canada’s Home of the Big Ass Burrito  

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Steve Gill Shares 2015 Trends Including Top-Selling Menu Items, Sales Growth and More


Toronto (December 30, 2015) – Customers are increasingly requesting exotic menu options, choosing authentic over basic toppings and enjoying healthier drinks, shares Steve Gill, Founder and CEO of Quesada Burritos & Tacos, a national Canadian owned and operated fast casual chain.


“Customer palettes continue to evolve along with their expectations,” said Gill, who oversees Quesada’s 57 locations nationally. “The future is all about flavour and old school, personalized service that’s speedy and efficient.”


Quesada Burritos & Tacos top 2015 customer insights:


  • Rise in requests for authentic Mexican toppings over basics
  • Growing popularity of Drunken Chicken burrito – Quesada’s most complex flavour profile offering
  • A decline in sales of carbonated drinks with an upswing in alternatives (e.g. water and juice)
  • Higher expectations for customer service
  • Longer customer restaurant dining times in Quebec vs. the rest of Canada
  • Flame Grilled Chicken burrito number 1 selling menu item in 2015
  • Rise in repeat customers

Customers increasingly moved away from basic toppings like tomatoes and lettuce. Instead, homemade Mexican coleslaw and pickled onions were among customer favourites followed by Quesada’s salsas and sauces that are made fresh from scratch daily.


In 2013, Quesada tested the Drunken Chicken burrito, a propriety, exotic mix of sweet and spicy with tequila, orange juice and chillies. Due to the item’s overwhelming popularity, Quesada will offer Drunken Chicken again as a limited time offer beginning in January.


Growth markets and Sales

Quesada nearly doubled in size in 2015 while same store sales grew by 13 per cent. It operates franchises in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan and is expected to have 80 locations by the end of 2016.


Ontario and Quebec are expected to remain Quesada’s fastest-growing markets however Western Canada is quickly gaining momentum. Quesada will open its first location in the Maritimes in Newfoundland in 2016.


About Quesada Quesada Burritos & Tacos is national fast casual chain and Canada’s home of The Famous Big Ass Burrito and One Bite Guarantee.  Quesada offers fresh food with authentic Mexican flavour in an upbeat, welcoming environment. For the tastiest burritos and tacos, Quesada makes its salsas and sauces from scratch daily. The company was founded in 2004 in Toronto by Steve Gill who left his technology career to pursue his passion for Mexican food. The company now operates 57 locations in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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